Saturday, 1 December 2012

Life is How I Identify Myself

My life experiences are not based on my thoughts and feelings, they are based on how I identify myself.

There are two ways I can identify myself: as a thing or a no-thing.

When I identify myself as a thing, I see myself as a person experiencing life in time and space with specific likes and dislikes. Therefore, my senses, feelings, thoughts and experiences will be person orientated. 

When I identify myself as a no-thing, I know myself as spirit and my nature is boundless, free, limitless, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. Therefore, no matter what form I take, my senses, feelings, thoughts and experiences will be spirit orientated.

In the human realm, it takes practice for the spirit way of being to become second nature. It's rather like moving to a country where you only have a limited knowledge of the language. The more you use the language in your every day life, the more fluent you become until you are so fluent you sound just like the locals.

Just because I identify myself as spirit doesn't mean I no longer have human experiences; it simply means I experience life from the perspective of spirit. Then things that used to be difficult become easier. For instance, I used to feel exhausted over doing the simplest household chore until I realised the cause was mis-identification. The moment I identified myself as spirit, I found my body would adjust and I will find myself having limitless energy.

There are issues I've been trying to resolve by thinking the solution. In other words, I've been identifying myself as a person. I've now come to realise all I need to do is know that I am spirit and the rest will take care of itself.

I am spirit and will always be spirit, whether I'm appearing in human form or not.


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